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    Clan Information Empty Clan Information

    Post by Owin on Wed Mar 07, 2012 3:01 pm

    Clan Information De8ul
    Quality Over Quantity

    Heretics was founded on ept (awell server) in summer 2004.
    It doesn't exist anymore in ept but it has several "divisions" on various private servers, and the original Heretics spirit lives on.

    Who we are:
    Heretics is a mixed clan, with people from diversified social backgrounds and a wide age range.
    We are from all over the world, every continent is represented. I can't do a country list, it would be too long.
    We are more than just a clan, i can't explain in simple words... You have to experience it to understand.
    Most of us are "ept oldschoolers" who have been around pristontale for 6 years of more, and we like to share old memories, but we're still open to newcomers, of course.

    What we like to do together:
    Hunting Bosses
    Hell Gate
    Party Quests
    Clan Events
    Blessed Castle
    Siege War

    How to join us:
    We are always open to new members. Here are a few guidelines :
    Since we are multicultural by essence, a basic knowledge of english is essential.
    Don't bother applying if you can't communicate in decent english. But we are not intolerant, so don't underestimate yourself !
    You must have a positive spirit. No hating, flaming, discrimination, ksing, scamming, hacking will be tolerated.
    Team spirit is essential. We are one. If you are too individualistic, you won't last long among us.
    Because caring is sharing, we encourage sharing of items/etc among clan members, however it isn't mandatory.

    Level requirement:
    Heretics is open for new members. We don't have a lvl requirement at the moment, but we prefer 120+ members
    So, if you feel you have what it takes to join us, but you haven't reached the lvl of 120 yet. Don't hasitate to apply for Heretic Wink

    Application process:
    Go to our clan forum
    You don't need to register.
    Enter the Public Area.
    Read all the pinned topics.
    Write an application topic in our application section, with some details about yourself, your class and lvl and why you like to join Heretics.
    In a meanwhile, keep in touch. We might have some questions for you.
    A Heretics (staff) member will then aknowledge your application and we will vote
    Wait a few days (usually 2-3 days maximum) and we will get back to you

    That's all for now
    Enjoy PT and feel free to ask us for details if you are unsure about something.

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