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    Beaker..Heretics member(Its my story and I'll tell it my way.)

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    Beaker..Heretics member(Its my story and I'll tell it my way.)

    Post by Beaker on Wed Oct 03, 2012 2:32 pm

    Most people know me I'm Beaker.
    My main char is a Prs and im training up an Ata.

    I started playing Priston tale about 2 to 2.5 years ago, because my cousin said i should try it out. He's deathjoker. He tells me he got a couple of friends who play (owin and drunk). So I downloaded EPT from subagames and started a char (pike)on awell. My cousin helped me out for a bit and i met owin and drunk and was allowed to join their clan (PTWarriors). so Drunk took me out and was a fucking badass knight and trained me in Sanctuary of darkness. I met a few other people that seemed real nice. Then it happened Drunk and Owin had to leave EPT (i had only been playing for like 2 weeks). so I kept in contact on the forums and found out they found RPT. So i downloaded Rpt and made a char (pike again).

    I checked out the website pretty extensively, and that was my first encounter with the heretics. the video was epic. I joined to forum and read ALOT. Joined Owin and Drunk and a few others in The Forgotten and played and played and played. Pillthegreat also came for ept and he was a prs and was blowing through lvls. Drunk changed to a mage and was destroying levels and owin switched to Mech and could tank shit that ohko'd me. so I got to lvl 100 and decided pike sucked at lvling and if i wanted to get higher i needed a PRS. so BeakerPrs was born.

    So we all played and got stronger and tested ourselves at sod. and lvled and swapped and bought gears and lvled. All the while growing TheForgotten. we would participate in SW sometimes just to see how far we could get. We went to sod and ran in R7 and then ran in R8. we would go after the server reset so we could have a crown for a few minutes. All the while improving ourselves.

    And all this time we would see the big clans, and H was always there. When T5 came out, I was ready to go first thing. had the robe had the pots and i was in the big ass crowd trying to get in. I got in early on the first day and there was a mech there, named widgt. there was also a few other members of H. I got partied and we fucking pwnd eragon. I was ecstatic. that was my first PT with some H members.

    The i met a few others as time went on Pie, melo, and some others in small pts or as they were GMs. When Owin came to the members of The Forgotten and asked if we would like to merge with H under the H name. I was both excited and sad. We had worked really hard on our clan and to see it go was hard, but at the same time our hard work had payed off and H had recruited Us or some of us and others got to tag along, either way. That was fucking awesome. We now got to walk the halls of rockstars, on the forums you saw members of H or former members of H everywhere, from GMs to elite PvPers to self proclaimed gods.

    So I have always wanted to live up to the legacy that is H. I want us to succeed, and to do that we need activity, in all areas of the game. form training to hunt to PvP and SW and SoD.

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    Re: Beaker..Heretics member(Its my story and I'll tell it my way.)

    Post by DrunkGod on Thu Oct 04, 2012 1:21 am

    +1 buddy

    kinda felt like i was reading a book LOL
    but i liked it. it was a very nice story.


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    Re: Beaker..Heretics member(Its my story and I'll tell it my way.)

    Post by Owin on Fri Oct 05, 2012 1:45 am

    This post has inspired me
    Keep an eye on the public section for a new section

    Thanks for the inspiration Beaker


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    Re: Beaker..Heretics member(Its my story and I'll tell it my way.)

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