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    Post by BiDa on Fri Oct 05, 2012 2:40 am

    Hi everyone my nickname in game is DarkSorcerer but everyone knows me as BiDa.

    I started playing on ePT something like 10 years ago, it was before AoR patch.
    I was on 5th grade in school and my best friend showed me the game... I started as Knight but quickly changed to Mech because he told me we wouldn't be able to play together, since he was Tempskron and I was Morion!
    I exped my mech to level 29 but played mostly with my friend's Pikeman and priest (both level 50) when AoR kicked in...

    Not long after AoR was released I started playing tPT (Thailand)! I had some powerfull 8x friends there! I remember they would spend a month or more to get 1 level... I could only play tPT after 10pm and before 7am because kids in thailand weren't allowed to play during nighttime! And their nighttime was my daytime... So I ended up quitting and going back to ePT....

    bPT was bourne and when ePT accounts were being sent there I accepted but it wasn't long before I regretted that decision and quit playing pt.

    I started and quitted a couple other priston tale servers.

    One day, around easter last year, I was bored out of my mind surfing the web when I searched for "best priston tale servers" and rPT was #1... I had no intention of playing but when I opened rPT's website and read T5...
    I was sucked me to this awesome server!

    I met Heretics through players afking in Ricarten... I saw Pwned and WidGT and some other members with their AWESOME looks! After my brazilian clan ended I started looking for a family and found out about HereticsJr!
    It was my chance! I pmed a noob archer called IllusionArcher which told me about Heretics forum!

    When I hit 115 I joined this clan and haven't left since!
    Proud to be part of this family!


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