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    illusionarcher - Heretics Member


    illusionarcher - Heretics Member Empty illusionarcher - Heretics Member

    Post by Guest on Fri Oct 05, 2012 3:29 am

    Okeey, name is Stian, ingame char illusionarcher. most off the ppl just call me illu. do what you want to Smile

    my first time playing EPT was along time ago, and i was pretty young.5-6 grade or something. i first started a fighter and played with a friend of mine, we stop before we hitted lvl 40 coz it was the paytoplay if you went over ( that was iv'e been told hahha ) after the P2P part was over i made a mage, i got it to 61 or something... so stocked abt the mage skills. but i got a big problem when it comes to sitting all day long lvling my ass out. im to lazy... and i dont remember so much from ept, not any clans e.t.c tho i got a friend from sweden there. and he sent me over to a server called Chaos pt.

    at the time i played chaospt i began to know more and more abt pt, got older LOL. i made a prs and lvled that to 9x so sick! private server, sick exp !Very Happy i loved it. made myself a figter 11x ( i think ) and had a awesome time. if any1 played cpt, i was in the clan: Dynasty. after some time inn cpt the server faded down, it had been having problem, not making any progress with new stuff e.t.c so it kinda died slowly out. a friend of mine that played cpt told me i should check out Realmpt. and i was like.. meeeeeeh the fuck is this, probaly some shitty server that was dying. but i tryed it anyway.

    i made an archer called Illusionarcher ( my fs's name was, illusionfighter. name lives with me ) i joined my friends clan called Xalvion or something, clan logo was a black yoshii haha. so it was a halv activ clan, was at the lower part of the sod ranking. my archer was getting stronger and i was getting more happier abt this server:D then one day i was messing around ric or philay then i saw another archer called Melocrie, we started to talk, and we did alot of things! was messing around. the clan i was in was getting lamer,and was dying out. then Melocrie open the door for rpt's best clan. she told me to check out HereticsJR coz the lvl req to join big H was lvl 115. i was stocked abt this, i joined Hjr and busted my ass out to get 115. i met some awesome ppl, like a pike called Airbourn. old heretics, his an ata now named as a smiley LOL. then i finaly got 115 and YES big heretics. i was so happy! i met alot of new ppl it was so cool! finaly at a clan that was on the top! i began to talk with 3R and his brother badoshia or something, they plvled me in sod and we had a great time.

    as the time came, me and melocrie lvled and raided ft1-2 fucking the monsters up. and i was pming this annoying nuub mage to sign up for the forum. the one and only Darksorcerer. anyway, we were getting better and bigger me and melo. the ppl was so awesome in heretics. i got to known Sarai pretty good, the owner of sarai was so kind to me and began to lend me sarai, to plvl my archer thru ad1. dident get so far... 122, then i gave up. to lazy. the time came when we owned in sod, was pissing on the other clans, and Widgt and 3R made this topic, the topic that showed whole RPT that this CLAN wasent to fuck with. we brought over 25+ Red Devils at the beach of Bless Castel. it was show time! we ended up pwning all the clans and took the god damn crown. that day was my most awesome day playnig rpt. i was so proud off our team. Heretics won ffs! Heretics is the clan that have survied everything, great leaders have left, clan drama e.t.c but we haven't disbaned yet, and we wont!

    Heretics might not be the top clan in sod or bc today. but we are sure the most loved and respected clan in RPT's history. we are a clan that cant be destoryed, ofc fighting and stuff happends... but thats how things are. Heretics is THE clan <3


    the clock is 03:28 AM... what the fuck am i doing so late. gnite!

    PS: probaly alot of grammar fail.. its late... come no-.-

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