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    Post by DrunkGod on Fri Oct 05, 2012 5:37 am

    DrunkGod here. most people call me "Drunky"

    i guess most of you know that Owin is my brother. and he is the one that got me started on PT around a year ago i guess.
    he would always ask me to play it, but i always told him no. that i had better things to do like go out drinkin.

    so 1 day he was at my house playing pt with a couple of our friends ( DeathJoker and DracX76) and they was once again asking me to play. so as it was i was home and i was BORED out of my mind. so i downloaded EPT to try and play.

    i made a ks, and i named it DrunkJesus. well i never been a "gamer". never really got into video games much. but it was fun. i joined the clan that owin had made "PTWarriors". soon after Beaker joined us with his pike and we had a big clan that was known to all.

    so when times are good, the gaming gods shit on us and me and owin had to leave EPT. but not to worry cuz it wasnt long and we found RPT.
    owin and i wanted to make the same chars cuz we had lots of fun with them. he made his fs and i made my ks. we trained them up together and was loving the 50x xp. and as soon as we got to a lvl to make a clan we made TheForgotten. and most of our friends from EPT followed us and joined our new clan.

    as time went on i made my mage.(with help from 3R) and i loved it.
    i started training more, and met the noob as "illusionarcher". he and i partied together alot in ft1 and 2.and i started to meet more and more members of H. illu would pm me everyday tryin to get me to join his clan Heretics (i guess cuz he knew how badass of a mage i was).

    i seen Heretics everywhere, sod, bc, hanging in ric. they was on all the score boards. it was the clan i looked up too. every1 in it was nice and friendly to me. always made room in a exp pt for me. it was nice.

    and one day owin came to me and told me that Heretics (the clan that i had always watched) wanted to merged. i was a big fat 100% yes to the idea. and im glad we did. being a member of H has been awesome. and im not leaving!!!

    well thats my story and im sticking to it Very Happy

    ~the 1&only DrunkGod~

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