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    Trinitas - Heretics Member (& Glitter Princess Extraordinaire) Empty Trinitas - Heretics Member (& Glitter Princess Extraordinaire)

    Post by Trinitas on Mon Oct 08, 2012 5:27 am

    Hello, I'm Trinitas...or Nicollette...or Aeterna, just call me main is Trinitas and who I'm most known as.

    I'm from the US, I've been playing PT since 02 or 03 when it was still i rly been playing pt that long??? ._. I started back during pre aor when morion was first introduced into the game and we didn't even have T2 yet and we had to spend forever watching the flying bird (which who knows what that had to do with pt) clicking and clicking trying to get past the "server full" msg ._.

    pt was the first mmo i played, and the only one i still currectly play. My fav char and primary char has always been ata, my secondary chars have always been prs & archer. I've played the other classes but meh...aside from knight, never rly enjoyed the others.

    I played ept on awell/kzee for roughly 3 years. During that time I was in the clans PT-Punx, Xternal (the original one...),FaDoyToy, and Dominatrix. I played EPT until it all murged into the single server Valento not long before suba took over. After that I started checking out the private servers...i first started on vitalize cause i recieved an invite, only played for about 3 days cause i got bored there and i was given gm gear anyway so it was then I moved on the the original rpt (redemption).

    I played redemption for about a year or so, i was in the clan revolution then with devotion...i left around the time it became renessance or w/e name they changed it to...from there I moved with my clannies to another server called PT revolution...which was a short lived server. I played there as well as did some work for them, but for w/e reason it closed down...think there was some drama with the admins or something, idk.

    when PTR died i started playing PyePT...actually...i didn't so much play pye as I did work for it Neutral i made custom models/skins, videos, and hosted a number of events on that server untill it was mad hacked and eventually wiped out by pissed off ex members or w/e...i rly dunno what happened there tbh.

    serveral of the staff from pye pt, including myself had gotten together and were planning the opening of a new server, but it didn't happen...we all had other things going on in life and it just didn't happen.

    I left PT after that with no intention of playing it again, but that was short the time 2010 rolled around I was dragged into another PT server which i had the unfortunate experience of doing some work for the scummy douchebag, but lets not get into that whole mess, long story short i very bitterly quit and left the owner to rot in his shame till the server died i guess D8<

    So after I quit Lunar I was gonna start diggin up files again and get my own server up and running, but go figure I got sick and spent some time in the the time i got out I was totally uninterested in the idea when remembering my experience with the last server and really just wanted to play the game and have fun with it again, so again I put the idea aside and found a new server to play on, Realm.

    I've been playing Realm since early 2011 and been here since. Though previsouly I've always been very social, by the time I got here to Realm I was just totally sucluding myself from everyone, I suppose I was still kinda set off by past drama. So other than my occasional feedback and sometimes opinionated replies on the old rpt forum, I was seldom heard from on RPT.

    As for how I came to be a Heretics member, I've known syko since like 06/07, when we played redemption together in the clan devotion so I've always had a connection to a H member. He invited me to his Vent channel bk when he had it so from there, I guess i got to know some of the H members, though not personally. Syko had asked me before if i was interested in joining H but me with my trust issues, declined back then.

    It wasn't until Realm was shut down and several of the H members had moved to Reaver PT that I joined H...and I ended up really enjoying the clan and liking the members. I got to know a few of the members back on that server...when It shut down I moved to unique for like 1 or 2 weeks and was introduced to a few more members....once realm came bk, I joined there as well.

    I suppose I'm still a bit of a noob to the clan and i feel a bit out of place sometimes...seein as how I've only just recently joined, but I'm fairly comfortable in this clan and with its members. I see it as a good home, very family like. Anyway, I joined this clan to help out and give support how I can...other than that I tend to be to myself I guess, but i'm always there when I'm needed, just hit me up.

    I guess that kinda wraps up my PT history....long enough for ya? Sleep

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