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    Josh aka CYE/CYA (raaaaaaaawr!)


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    Josh aka CYE/CYA (raaaaaaaawr!) Empty Josh aka CYE/CYA (raaaaaaaawr!)

    Post by CurbYourEnthusiasm on Tue Oct 23, 2012 2:57 am

    I'm Josh, aka Curb, CurbYour(insert vowel here)

    I've been playing PT since pre morion... So yeah, forever ago. I had started off as 1/2 of a duo, my Mech was Josh10006 and my brother was JDballa, a fighter. After getting 2x I made an archer called letitfly, and I started kicking ass. I remember getting one of the first ever trasparo drops and my first fpa drop!

    Morion came out, but I didn't like the classes really at first, plus I had a bad ass mech and an even more bad ass archer... But I got hacked, so my brother made an ata and I made a prs Joshlinda, which I quickly lvled to 5x during the age of rock prs/mgs lmfao! I got tired of being a prs, so I made another archer letitflai, which I lvled with jdballa to 6x, we were both one of the firsts to hit 65, just in time for the release of DS!

    Well, then letitflai got hacked and jdballa decided to quit, so I took some time off, came back and tried out a mage, cause before I got hacked, t3 had been released and I remembered how OP mages became with dia! Good move, I reached 8x quickly, and clans had just come out with t4 also and bless. I was in VioletSouls with RockSolid and I remember going to bless and getting 3 bps and I remember I was an insane tank, not even winter could take me out! With bless getting more popular I had wanted to try out a pike... So I made RockSplitter and got up to 7x before taking another break.

    When I came back again, it had been a while, and awell was out, so I started new there with RockSplitter and quickly became one of the highest lvls on the server... I had made the DeathCorps and had invited my IRL friends SetoBrand and 2hott4u and we started something good, as we wanted to knock off Everdie, who I hated at the time cause they were blood thirsty douche bags, led by king douche bag GodLike aka Valtsu. Once I was 95 and was able to stand toe to toe with anybody in pvp, I got power hungry. I lvled to 98 then got lazy and used IGH to 100... Meanwhile I had made friends with Valtsu and mist of Everdie through pvp respect and I ended up joining them. Then I got banned for IGH and started again clean with CYU.

    With Everdie we were an insane dynasty, and with CYU I was murdering everybody. Eventually i became apart of anothergreat dynasty with the AvengerZ, and then SilverMoon... then Valtsu and Toppe along with Davv and some others got together in an MSN chat and talked about this new server, rpt, with a bad ass developer. We wanted to dominate the new server right from the start, so we had made H, and we did exactly what we set out to do... We dominated.

    With CYE on H, I was one of the first to 10x, I was the first to get +20 (manual age with aging stone), and we owned all crowns, and I really had no peers in pvp besides Valtsu as Thor and maybe Toppe, lmfao. We had a lot if fun, we had a lot of haters. Many friends from other clans started off hating me and making hate posts/topics about me! I had taken breaks here and there, and eventually left H to make SilverMoon...

    SilverMoon did pretty good as an alternate English speaking clan, and even made a few plays for the crowns! SilverMoon went under after a merge with FifiSlayers. I left, came back, mama Jo welcomed me back, then I changed class into a knight with CYA, and now here I am. Uber tank knight of H!

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