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    Post by Peeto on Fri Jul 26, 2013 3:18 am


    My name is Peet (My IGN: Peeto). I'm from Thailand but currently studying in the US.
    I used to play in ThaiPT server back in 2004 before the server went down.
    I also had a chance to join ePT 3 years ago till I got to lvl 105 then I stopped playing cause I had to focus on my university application. Now I'm back and decide to join RPT. I have been playing my knight for a week and I'm at lvl 97. It would be my honor to join your clan.

    Thank you.

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    Post by Prizbiz on Thu Aug 08, 2013 7:40 am

    Peeto are you still interested in joining? What level are you these days?

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    Post by Niamh on Thu Aug 08, 2013 11:52 am

    He already joined another clan

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