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    s3rialthrill3r - Application


    s3rialthrill3r - Application Empty s3rialthrill3r - Application

    Post by serialthriller on Wed Dec 04, 2013 8:55 am

    I am a bit lazy, so I'll just repeat some of what I posted in the RealmPT forum.

    Hey, I'm interested in joining. I'm a level 95 Mage at the moment. The name is BowTieDaddy. I played a bit of PT back in the good old days (2003), but I don't think I ever broke the level 40 barrier because the experience rate was too painful and my buddies from high school moved on to other such things like ROSE Online and FlyFF.

    As to why I want to join this particular clan, well, I like that it has a history dating back to the early years. I also don't speak Portuguese or Filipino, so that's another reason. Why are English speaking people so rare in the servers?

    By the way, I already registered an account under the name "s3rialthrill3r" that's waiting for activation.

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