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    Post by Snoopgal on Mon Oct 08, 2012 7:36 pm

    Hello everyone Smile
    My name : Gal Bental
    My Age : 13
    My Country : Israel
    Hobbies : Playing my guitar and making YouTube covers Smile
    Humor : British
    Character Name : MrOxiClean
    Level : 119 and going up Smile!

    So let me start by how i met with this game Smile

    When i was in 1st grade like 7 years ago my older brother was playing Priston Tale and back than it was the old version with old ric and old char creation and stuff Smile and i was amazed by the game but after my brother quit playing the game i wasn't able to play or see it anymore since i didn't really know English back than Razz but 2 years later i after i finished playing some games i started looking for a game to play than i rememberd Priston Tale and how awesome it was so i found the site and downloaded the game but when i logged game i noticed it was already the newer version of the game Smile ( the one we playing today ) and it was actually cooler but since i didn't have much time to play i had to quit when i reached lvl 40 Razz so i stopped playing for 2 years and when i came back i also dragged over my brother + some of my friends ( btw its an other brother ^^ ) and so i went on my char back and helped them train and all and because i passed their lvls by alot since i was more addicted they decided to quit Razz that was when i met fatman3 and he joined me to ThePhatClan and after 2 weeks after i joined ThePhatClan one of the people who always stood in Navisko and i started talking and he told me about private servers and all about how cool it is so i went to the adress he gave me which was xtremetop100's site hehe and i downloaded MagicPT and UniquePT and there i had alot of experiences and met alot of people ( MagicPT is where i met Benzoni Smile ) and so on after half a year i saw the server rankings and i noticed that there is a server with massive ammount of votes so i thought that i must check it out so thats how i joined Realm and than i met Gogg and some old MPT players and joined FifiSlayers but after it disbanded i noticed there is a powerfull clan called Heretics but sadly because i was too low lvl back than i couldn't join it and because i got bit tired of slow exping i went back to MPT and than few months later i found a server called RebornPT (btw i didn't say what happend in those months in MPT because it will make the story few pages long LOL ) in RebornPT i met alot of RealmPT players + MagicPT players and than i played there for a while and in November i played RealmPT again for 1 month but than quit due to reasons which i don't remember and when i came back to Realm after few months i noticed its down so i continued with Reborn and MagicPT but than few months later also MagicPT was down Razz so i was stuck with Reborn and than when i saw Realm back i ditched Reborn and saw Heretics again and i was all like : Wow this is a classic clan Very Happy! and i heard if i try to applicate i have a chance to join so i applicated and got accepted Smile though than i had to take 1 month brake but now im back and active and will do everything to help this Legendary clan get back to its greatness Very Happy!

    Thats basically my story of PT though this is with alot of parts cut lol

    btw servers that i played but didn't mention :

    im sorry that my story is so boring xD

    Hope you enjoyed lol

    If you want to add me in MSN pm me ingame or in forum with your msn and i will add you Smile

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