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    Joining Heretics [Read before applying]

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    Joining Heretics [Read before applying] Empty Joining Heretics [Read before applying]

    Post by Niamh on Sat Aug 18, 2012 2:30 am

    Here are some things u have to know, before u apply to Heretics

    Positive fighting spirit
    You have to speak good English
    You have to be social
    We share items; you should do the same

    Write a few lines about yourself, about why you want to join us, and about why we should accept you.
    If you just post "hi, clan plz" your application will be ignored.
    Tell us how long u're playing PT, ur char and lvl, which servers u played before, etc.

    Btw, if u got some friends in Heretics, it might help u to join as well.

    If you think you meet the requirements, post an application here. We will discuss the application within the current members, and cast a voting on it.

    Before applying, please read THIS SECTION !

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